How to add an event
Short version

Here are the basics. The long version has more details.

1. Send this
  • Event name, date, location
  • A web page dedicated to the event (not a home page)
2. Know this

We’re selective and only add a few events.

We read new events about a week before they happen because we focus on maintaining events we already list.

We receive too many emails to reply.
3. Use this
Send to this email address, which changes monthly:
Long version

Please follow these steps to submit an event.

A. Be selective

Send only your biggest and best events of the year, the ones people travel long distances to attend. We prefer major annual events.

B. Be realistic

Contact many websites because we only add a few events that are perfect for our readers.

C. Omit these

We don’t list:

  • Art exhibition
  • Author talk or book signing
  • Bridal, wedding, baby event
  • Business, trade, networking event
  • Class, seminar, workshop
  • Concert, show, play (except an annual event, holiday theme, or Goldstar/Groupon discount)
  • Farmers market, flea market, plant sale
  • Open house, pop-up shop, store opening
  • Run, walk (except an unusual or holiday theme)
D. Include details
  • Event name
  • Date and location
  • Web page dedicated to the event
E. Write us
Please send the details to this email address, which we change monthly to avoid spam:
F. Expect no reply

We’ll definitely read your email, but we can’t reply due to the large number of events we receive. We get 30,000 emails per year. There is no cost to list an event. Thank you for thinking of us!

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