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1. Add an event

To add a new event to our website, please visit the page to add an event. It explains how you can send an event for us to consider listing.

2. Sing or sell at an event

If you are a musician and want to perform at an event, or you are a vendor and want to sell at an event, please contact the event organizer.

We write about events, but we don’t manage them.

To contact an event organizer, click the link we provide for each event and then look on the event website for a page called “contact us” or “about us.”

3. Sell to us
Please don’t send product information or marketing proposals. We don’t answer marketing emails.
4. Report a problem

Thank you for helping us to keep this website accurate.

Just tell us what’s wrong and where you saw it (the city and month) so we can fix it right away.

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5. Send comments

What do you love or hate about events12? We welcome your opinions and ideas.

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