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about us

Who we are

We’re experienced writers who value clarity and accuracy. We’re free to write the truth about events because we’re independent of any large organization.

What we do

We publish a wide variety of events for adventurous readers who have diverse interests. We offer fun, interesting, and unusual events with a focus on art, food, music, sports, and theater.

How we’re different

  • Our website is easy to use. Just select a city and one of the 12 months.
  • For a custom experience, find events by category, date, and location.
  • We’re highly selective. We review thousands of events and only include the best.
  • We refuse to add trackers, pop-ups, sound, or bloated content to ruin your experience.
  • You’ll find events that are fun, open to the public, and not too expensive – the kind we like to attend ourselves!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have an app?

No, but you can save an icon for events12 on your home screen just like an app. The icon opens the city you were viewing when you saved it.

  • On an iPhone (Safari browser), tap the “square with an arrow” at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to select “Add to Home Screen.”
  • On Android (Chrome browser), tap the menu at the top and select “Add to Home screen.”

How accurate are event dates?

We confirm all dates before publishing them and reconfirm dates periodically. If we’re told a date is subject to change, we label it uncertain. If no date is assigned yet, we label it undated.

Which events are listed first?

We list events by when they begin. If two start on the same date, the one that expires first is listed first. If an event lasts two months, we list it on both months’ pages.

How can I find events nearby?

We show the mileage and direction of events from the city center so you can find events close to you. Click options to hide events in distant locations.

How do I print pages?

Print using any browser with the background turned on. You can turn on the background in the print window under options, more settings, or show details. (The Safari browser is limited to printing only one column per page.)

Is your content accessibile?

Yes, you can tab (option-tab in Safari) to buttons and links. To move backward, also press the shift key. Activate a button or link with the spacebar or enter key. (To move among the three buttons under each event, use your keyboard arrows.)

Any tips about searching?

  • You can combine the dates and options tabs for very specific searches. Click the dates tab to select dates, and then click the options tab to select options. Only events that match both will be found.
  • After you click the dates or options tab and do a search, you can click the tab again to hide your settings without losing your search results.
  • Under options, each event is assigned one category and one location — the most specific possible. For example, a “wine expo” is in the “food & beverage” category, not the “expo” category.

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